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Tuscany Specialty Foods & Catering


At Tuscany Specialty Foods and Catering in Marlboro and Manalapan, New Jersey, our goal is to bring the quality and tradition of Italy to everything we sell, bake, or prepare.

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The Tuscany Experience

Tuscan cuisine is known throughout the world for simple, traditional, Italian food using fresh, all-natural, local ingredients. At Tuscany Specialty Foods and Catering in Marlboro and Manalapan, New Jersey, our goal is to bring the quality and tradition of Italy to everything we sell, bake, or prepare.


Ask anyone who has traveled to this small Italian region and they will agree that the components of Tuscan dishes are meticulously chosen and assembled to compliment and accentuate one another.

Since 1997, Tuscany has been providing these same traditional values to our community. You will find fresh, natural, and local produce and meats, skillfully prepared Italian dishes from Venice to Sicily, and the personal service you would expect from a family-owned establishment.

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Tuscany Catering Services 

Tuscany has been providing full-service catering experiences to clients throughout the Marlboro and Manalapan area for over 23 years.


Events come in all shapes and sizes, indoor and outdoor, formal and informal; we can accommodate them all.

We cater events of all sizes including corporate, weddings, cocktail parties, holidays, conferences, meetings, and more!






Food Knolling

Butcher Shop

Fresh Cut Meats Every Day! The meat dishes in typical Italian cuisine incorporate naturally raised and local livestock. Here at Tuscany, we are no different. We offer free-range chicken that is raised on a natural diet with no added hormones


With a premium assortment of cheeses that we have hand-selected from around the world, the cheesemongers “Fromager’s” at Tuscany are ready to sell you the perfect cheese to sip with a bottle of wine or serve to guests



Don’t accept second-rate catering on your special holidays. Check out our special catering menu and order from the most trusted and beloved Italian Specialty Market… Tuscany of Marlboro and Manalapan.


Fresh Sandwiches & Wraps! From the Tuscan Archipelago to the Apuan Alps, Tuscan cuisine incorporates ingredients of high caliber. The same devotion to quality is what you can expect when you arrive at our deli counter


Our Bakery Has Fresh Baked Cookies, Cakes, Pies & Treats! There is an unwritten rule about baked goods that exist throughout Italy; made fresh daily! All of our bread and pastries are made early in the morning by our bakery.

Custom Gift Baskets

Beautiful Gift Baskets Made to Order Tuscany specializes in creating beautiful gifts baskets for all occasions. We make memorable gift baskets filled with an array of sweet, savory, and classic delights for birthdays, anniversaries, every holiday.


Visit at Tuscany Specialty Foods

and Catering

For exclusive Italian Food in Marlboro and Manalapan, New Jersey calls Tuscany Specialty Foods and Catering. Call the Marlboro location at 732-308-1118 or the Manalapan location at 732-972-2500 today.

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